Smith and Wesson Model 22A Review

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Smith and Wesson Model 22A

A reasonably priced gun, suitable for all shooting skill levels, Smith and Wesson Model 22A is a competitive rimfire that can be used for recreational shooting as well as professional targeted activities.

Smith and Wesson Model 22A comes with a standard barrel length of 5 1/2 in. The frame is quite large with the overall length of 9 1/2 in. This rimfire pistol is comparatively heavier with an empty weight of 32 oz. The exterior is made of steel, including the sides and the barrel. The frame, however, is made of aluminum casting.

The most appealing feature of Smith and Wesson 22A is its field stripping, which is much easier than similar rimfire pistols. Therefore, cleaning it is much trouble-free and effortless. To disassemble the pistol you remove the magazine, lock again the slide and make sure the chamber is empty. Next, you have to push the barrel retention button, and after lifting the front of the barrel a few inches, you can easily lift it off the frame. This is followed by lifting off the slide and spring, and it is done.

The reassembly of Smith and Wesson Model 22A is also relatively straightforward. The slide and spring are first reinstalled. This is followed by re-hooking a small hook on the bottom rear of the rail, used to engage the top of the frame near the rear of the slide.

Next, you have to lower the barrel down and then push the barrel retention button, lowering it all the way to the frame (make sure that it is full seated by checking if the barrel retention button is back onto its normal position). Now you just have to release the slide and let it drop against the barrel a few times to make sure that everything is fixed and seated, and the reassembly is done.

The location of the magazine release is unusually placed in the front of the grip. After getting a bit used to this placement, it turns out to be more convenient. You can easily find it with the tip of the middle finger and push the button without loosening your grip.

There is a spring loaded pin to which the magazine pushes against once you shove it in, so when the magazine is out, it does not allow to fire. This feature is also useful because the spring loaded pin launches the magazine out of the frame very easily once you push the magazine release.

A nice addition to the Smith and Wesson 22A is the red dot scope. It is very convenient for those not so happy with the accuracy of their eyes. Additionally, the feel and balance of the pistol with the red dot is very enjoyable.

It is one of the least expensive 22 pistols in the market, which makes it definitely worth owning, if you are looking for a good plinker or club-level match pistol. However, its rugged fabrication also makes it suitable for professional use with a few modifications.

Model: 22A
Action: SAO
Caliber: 22
Overall Length: 9.50"
Overall Height: 5.30"
Overall Width: 1.50"
Barrel Length: 5.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 10 + 1
Weight: 34.40 oz.