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Ruger SR22

The release of Ruger SR22 in the pistol market was a giant leap for Sturm, Ruger & Company. Ruger has been a well known leader in the rimfire industry since the release of the Ruger MK I pistol nearly six decades ago with multiple variations to keep the market going strong. The Ruger SR22 was released with high expectations in the market, and so far it has exceeded those expectations by being one of the best looking and most reliable DA/SA 22 rimfire pistols on the market.

The Ruger SR22 instantly strikes off as a traditional design incorporated with an impressive direct blowback action. The most obvious feature is its compactness that allows a weight of only 18 ounces, however, not very different from Ruger's previous rimfire pistols in size. The stainless-steel barrel is 3.5 inches long and uses an aluminum slide of aircraft grade. The steel magazine and construction of the frame with nylon polymer signify its promising quality.

The SR22 gives the looks of a standard pistol rather than a fancy gun. However, its sleek and balanced color gives it an appealing look, presenting a class of its own. The looks do not matter when the construction is made to the best proportions and spot-on accuracy in finishing. Despite of its small size, there is no compromise in the surface areas of all the important control functions.

The ambidextrous features of the magazine release and the safety switches allow the lefties to freely use the Ruger SR22.

The safety switch to disconnect the trigger follows the similar, practiced routine of flicking it to the fire position upwards and then downwards to be safe. However, the additional user-friendly feature of the safety switch is its easy control with minimal pressure required for the transition between the fire and safe positions. Furthermore, the location of the safety switch does not require the user to change the grip.

The Ruger SR22 provides an option of twin grip sleeves, which facilitates a customizable and well-established grip. It is also accompanied by the magazine extensions, which might be useful if the handle is not suitable or comfortable for the user. In addition, the ones with larger hands can enjoy the extensions for each of the ten-round magazines. The pistol generously provides options of four different combinations of handles, which is definitely satisfying for a wide range of hand shapes and sizes.

The disassembling is fairly easy because the Ruger SR22 is a blowback pistol which means its barrel stays fixed and does not have to be removed for cleaning. After ensuring all safety precautions, the disassembling is started by dropping the magazine and locking the slide back, this makes sure the hammer is pushed out of the way. The slide is freed by converting the switch to the six o'clock position. Once you pull the slide back and up, it is lifted away from the rails. Finally, the slide is completely removed by easing it forward and clearing the barrel.

The robustness of the features incorporated in the Ruger SR22 is something that sets it apart from most other rimfire 22 pistols in the market.

Model: SR22
Action: DA/SA
Caliber: 22
Overall Length: 6.40"
Overall Height: 4.90"
Overall Width: 1.29"
Barrel Length: 3.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 10 + 1
Weight: 18.00 oz.